Obtaining a Drivers Licence


Take the first steps towards becoming a professional driver

CRH will help you through every step
of your licence acquisition. You will be
assigned an individual case handler to
ensure that your time with us is as simple
and stress-free as possible. 

We want you to pass your test FIRST TIME!

1. Licence Application

The first stage towards obtaining your new licence, is to apply for your provisional entitlement on your driving licence for the category that you would like to undertake. 

– DVLA forms D2 and D4 must be
and sent to DVLA Swansea 

– These forms can be provided by CRH on request 

   or direct from the DVLA at www.DVLA.gov.uk

2. Passing Medical Inspection

You will need to have passed a DVLA medical test (form D4) before you can continue with your licence acquisition.
This form must be completed by a medical practitioner. CRH can also help to advise you of any recommended doctors within your area.

– The average price of a medical is between £50 – £80

– Hand your DVLA D4 form to your chosen GP & let them 
   fill in the required information

3. Pass your Theory Tests

Your theory tests can be completed from information contained in the DSA’s publication, however, CRH recommend that you take our online theory course. The course entitles you to have up to 90 days unlimited access to the practice tests, revised material and video clips, with just one payment. 

– There are two theory tests; Mutliple Choice & Hazard Perception.

To access the online theory test, CRH will provide you with a username and password. 
You can then log on to www.crhtraining.co.uk and start using. 

4. Take your practical test 

Having now successfully passed your theory tests, and having the correct provisional licence your course can now be arranged.

This will consist of four days of practical driving instruction, on the fifth day you will complete your DSA practical test.

– 16 hours direct training guaranteed

–  More training days can be arranged

Either two students to one trainer (all day), or one to one training available (am or pm sessions). This is your choice.

5. Take your initial Driver CPC 

How will it affect you?

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) has been introduced across the European Union to maintain high driving standards and improve road safety. 

All professional bus, coach and large goods vehicle  drivers must hold a Driver CPC if they want to drive for a living. For example, any drivers of LGV’s over 3.5 tonnes, and minibuses with nine seats or more, must obtain a Driver CPC
if they are driving commercially.  

CRH can help you through the entire Licence Aquisition process.

REMEMBER We have our own DSA Approved test centre at West Bromwich. This means you can train AND test at the same centre. There is no wasted time or mileage travelling to reversing areas or test centres.

The DSA Examiners come to CRH.

To start your new career contact our Head Office on 01827 319800 or 0121 323 1777.

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