Overview of PATs
(Passenger Assistant Training)

PATs is an acronym for Passenger
Assistant Training Scheme. It has been
developed out of MiDAS, the Minibus Driver
Awareness Scheme. MiDAS is a nationally
recognised training programme developed
in the early 1990s for minibus drivers. The
aim of both PATs and MiDAS is to improve
safety standards for people who need
assistance, care and supervision
on the move.

What is meant by
Passenger Assistant?                                                                          

PATs has been developed for those people who
undertake the role of passenger assistant. The people
we are calling passenger assistants are sometimes called
escorts, passenger carers, care assistants,
chaperones or helpers.

Passenger assistants work on various types of vehicles,
depending on their passengers. The PATs programme is relevant
for passenger assistants working in cars, minicab, taxis,
minibuses, large buses and coaches.

PATs is open to any organisation that employs, uses or
supplies passenger assistants.  An organisation does not have
to be a member of the MiDAS training scheme in order to use the
Passenger Assistant Training Scheme. It is also open to any
organisation that uses volunteers as passenger assistants.

Objectives of PATs

The general aim of the passenger assistant
training programme is to enable passenger assistants
to carry out their responsibilities safely and effectively.
The general objectives of PATs are that
passenger assistants will:

  • Be aware of the legal, practical and safety issues surrounding the passenger assistant role.
  • Be given help, where necessary, to improve their skills
  • Receive training in how to meet the specific needs of their passenger groups
  • Pass a theory assessment to ensure their knowledge and understanding is of an acceptable standard
  • Receive a certificate that is accepted by other PATs members throughout the country.

Potential Benefits of PATs

PATs will help passenger assistants:

  • Improve their own and their passenger's safety
  • Help to improve their passenger's comfort
  • Meet their legal and contractual responsibilities
  • Understand and meet the needs of their passengers
  • Develop additional skills and a wider knowledge of their work
  • Increase their confidence at work and reduce any stress involved
  • Enhance the image of their organisation
  • Gain formal accreditation for the work they do

How the Training Programme Works

PATs is a modular training programme, that means the training is delivered in

  • Module A: The Role of the Passenger Assistant.
    A foundation module that will help passenger assistants
    understand the role and responsibilities of a passenger assistant.
  • Module B: Assisting Passengers with Disabilities.
    This module helps passenger assistants who work with passengers
    who have disabilities, learning difficulties or behaviour difficulties.
  • Module C1: Supervising Children/Young People with Special Needs.
    Passenger assistants who supervise children or young people with
    special needs will also then attend Module C1.
  • Module C2: Working with Adults Who Require Care & Supervision.
    Passenger assistants who work with adults who need care and
    supervision will also attend Module C2.

Modules D, E and F are additional and may be relevant to different
passenger assistants working in various types of organisations. Passenger
assistants may attend training on specialist topics at any time. They do
not need to have first completed other modules.

  • Module D:
    Emergency Aid (Sometimes called Basic First Aid)
  • Module E:
    Manual Handling
  • Module F:
    Safely Managing Challenging Behaviour

Passenger assistants (PAs) need only to attend those modules
that are relevant to their work, for example:

  • Youth Workers Modules A and D
  • Staff at Mainstream Schools Modules A and D
  • Staff at Special Schools Modules A,B,C1,D,E & F
  • Home to School PAs Modules A,B,C1,D, E& F
  • Social Services PAs Modules A,B,C2,D,E,F
  • Community Transport PAs Modules A,B,C1,C2,D,E & F
  • Age Concern PAs Modules A,B,C2,D,E & F
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