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Course Dates 2024

  • June 17th - 20th, ADR Without Tanks 4 Day Course - West Bromwich - Course Fully Booked
  • June 17th - 21st, ADR With Tanks 5 Day Course - West Bromwich - Course Fully Booked

ADR Carriage Of Dangerous Goods Training Course - Get Your ADR Licence

All drivers of dangerous goods (hazardous goods) that come within the scope of the UK CDG (Carriage of Dangerous Goods Regulations) need to have an ADR Driver Training Certificate.

After completing ADR training you will be able to drive a vehicle with tanks, and vehicles carrying dangerous goods in containers.

ADR training, under ADR regulations, has to be in the classroom and involves ADR exams set by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

CRH Training is widely acknowledged as the leading provider of ADR training in the West Midlands, Staffordshire and beyond.

Our basic Packages course runs Monday to Thursday morning of the training week. Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon is exclusively for Tanker training candidates.

Courses operate from CRH Head Office in West Bromwich each month or regularly from a variety of customer sites. 

As a JAUPT approved training centre, CRH can offer Driver CPC for drivers who attend either of our ADR initial courses. This means ADR candidates can claim 28 hours (4 modules) of CPC without any extra time off work.

Call us on 0121 553 3184 to book or for details.

Take advantage of our discount system by booking two modules of CPC to be claimed at any time, but pay a discount rate now!

CRH Delivers ADR Training in the 7 Dangerous Goods classes Listed Below:

  • Class 2.1 Flammable gas
  • Class 2.2 Non-flammable compressed gas
  • Class 2.3 Toxic gas
  • Class 3 Flammable liquid
  • Class 4.1 Flammable solid
  • Class 4.2 Spontaneously combustible substance
  • Class 4.3 Dangerous when wet
  • Class 5.1 Oxidising agents
  • Class 5.2 Organic peroxides
  • Class 6.1 Toxic substances
  • Class 6.2 Infectious substances
  • Class 8 Corrosive substances
  • Class 9 Miscellaneous substances

CRH are one of the few training companies that are accredited to deliver classes 1 and 7 – Explosive and Radioactive.

Remember ADR courses from CRH can contribute towards Drivers CPC Training.

To book a course, or for further information, please contact CRH on 0121 553 3184.

If you are qualifying for the first time to become an ADR driver you should:

  • Find out how to qualify for different types of dangerous goods.
  • Book an ADR training course from CRH Training.
  • Take the required training and pass the training tests.
  • Get your ADR card after you’ve qualified. You must have your card to drive any dangerous goods, and keep your details up to date.
  • Take refresher training and tests to stay qualified every 5 years.

If you have qualified as an ADR driver of dangerous goods before and your card is still valid, you do not need to take the training again. However, you will still need to do ADR refresher training and exams every 5 years to stay qualified.

How to qualify to transport dangerous goods

You will need to take an ADR training course to qualify to transport dangerous goods. The training course that you need to take depends on what dangerous goods you want to transport.

All the training courses are made up of:

  • a core module
  • additional modules

The additional modules you should take depend on:

  • the types of dangerous goods you want to transport
  • whether they are transported in packages or tanks.

You’ll need to spend a minimum amount of time training on each module, and successfully pass an exam at the end.

What does an ADR certificate entitle you to drive?

This will depend on the particular classes you cover in your training. These can include:

  • Vehicle carrying a tank container loaded with any dangerous goods or liquids
  • Tanker containing dangerous goods or liquids
  • Vehicle carrying dangerous goods in bulk or in packages
  • Vehicle carrying radioactive material

What does ADR stand for?

ADR is an abbreviation for "Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises dangereuses par route", which translates as "The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road."

How Can I Book An ADR Training Course?

To book a course, or for further information, please contact CRH on 0121 553 3184.

Getting Qualified Guide

Step 1
Register for free with CRH Training, then speak to an expert for advice on licence types and employment opportunities

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Step 2
Receive your CRH Information Pack containing all forms, application pack, training details and provisional course dates.

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Step 3

Pass your Theory Test with help from our online facility. Attend your chosen Driver Training Course at one of our training centres.

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Step 4
Take your driving test. We have our own DSA approved training centre at West Bromwich. Take your Initial Driver CPC. Contact Us to find out which course is suitable for you.

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