How To Obtain a Drivers Licence


Apply for the provisional licence entitlement

The first step to gaining a truck licence (the category C licence) is to apply for the provisional on your current car licence.

To do this, you must fill out a D2 and D4 form, one is general information and the other is a basic medical which must be completed by a doctor.

You can contact the CRH Training office on the details below to receive the forms.

Completing the driving theory tests

The next step is to complete the theory and hazard perception tests for the truck licence.

These theory tests are very similar to those taken when learning to drive a car and can be book by visiting Alternatively, you can contact the CRH Training office to arrange dates for this theory, and gain access to our online study and mock examinations.

Passing the practical driving test

Once you have the provisional entitlement on your licence and have completed both theory tests, you can take the practical training to gain the full licence.

The practical driving will ordinarily consist of five days, four of which will be learning how to drive the vehicle, the fifth will be the practical assessment.

To book your practical driver training and/or examination, please contact the CRH office on the details below.

Congratulations, you have successfully gained your Category C licence.

In order to drive professionally, you must now gain your CPC Driver card. Contact CRH to find out the requirements for the CPC.

Getting Qualified Guide

Step 1
Register for free with CRH Training, then speak to an expert for advice on licence types and employment opportunities

CALL 0121 323 1777 or Email Us
Step 2
Receive your CRH Information Pack containing all forms, application pack, training details and provisional course dates.

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Step 3

Pass your Theory Test with help from our online facility. Attend your chosen Driver Training Course at one of our training centres.

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Step 4
Take your driving test. We have our own DSA approved training centre at West Bromwich. Take your Initial Driver CPC. Contact Us to find out which course is suitable for you.

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