How Difficult Is The Transport Manager CPC Exam In The UK?

Transport Manager CPC Exam

29th August 2023

The Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is an important qualification for anyone wanting to be a successful transport manager. This qualification is designed for individuals who want to become Transport Managers, or demonstrate their professional competence to meet the requirements when applying for their ‘O’ (Operators) Licence.

Structure of the Exam
The Transport Manager CPC exam includes various modules that cover a wide range of subjects. From health and safety to business management, the topics are comprehensive. Typically, candidates are assessed through a combination of multiple-choice questions and case study scenarios, spread over several hours.

Preparation For The Managers CPC Exam
Given the depth of topics covered, candidates are advised to use a variety of resources to improve their chances of success. Official manuals, online courses, and instructor-led Transport Managers CPC training courses are recommended.

Particular subjects such as advanced fleet management, or in-depth legal compliance, often require additional time and focus when studying for the exam. For example, candidates are now required to demonstrate their knowledge in both National and International Haulage Legislation. Additionally, candidates will need effective time management skills during preparation for the actual exam, given the extensive case studies presented.

Requirements To Pass The Transport Managers CPC Exam
All candidates are required to pass two exams in order to gain their CPC as detailed below:

Multiple Choice Exams
Both National and International Knowledge will be tested. All areas of the syllabus will be tested with a minimum of 2 questions per area and a maximum of 15.

– 70%+, 42 out of 60 questions to pass the Multiple Choice
– 2 hour time limit

Case Studies Exam
A scenario based exam aimed at testing the application of knowledge. All notes and training material provided by CRH are permitted to be taken into the exam. Every case study paper will test:

    Drivers’ hours, working time and records
    Operational costing
    Operating licensing

– 50%+, 30 out of 60 marks (spread over 5-8 questions) to pass the Case Studies Exam
– 2 hour time limit

The Managers CPC exam has a reputation for being rigorous, though it's worth noting that proper preparation can significantly improve your chances of success.

Benefits of Passing the Exam
Achieving a pass in the Transport Manager CPC exam opens up many opportunities within the UK transport industry. Not only does it qualify individuals for senior management roles, but it also paves the way for professional recognition among peers in the industry.

Exam Tips and Tricks
Effective study methods often include a blend of self-study, group discussions, and practical case study analyses. Candidates are advised to pay special attention to recent changes in transport regulations, as these are frequently updated. Mock tests, available online and by course providers, can also offer a valuable insight into the exam format.

The Transport Manager CPC exam, while challenging, is a necessary step for those serious about a career in transport management within the UK. With dedicated preparation and a strategic approach, candidates can navigate its complexities and secure their place in this dynamic and rewarding industry.


How often is the Transport Manager CPC exam offered?
The exam is typically held several times a year at various centres across the UK. Please contact us for dates, venues and prices.

Are there any prerequisites for taking the Transport Managers CPC exam?
While there aren't strict prerequisites, having a background in transport or logistics can be beneficial.

What is the validity period of the Transport Manager CPC certification?
Once achieved, the qualification does not expire, but continuing professional development is encouraged.

Can overseas candidates take the exam?
Yes, but they should be familiar with UK-specific transport regulations and practices.

How much does the Managers CPC exam cost?
Costs can vary based on the examination centre and any additional resources or courses one might opt for. Please contact CRH Training for dates, venues and prices.

Are there any online resources recommended for preparation for the Managers CPC exam?
There are several online platforms offering courses, mock tests, and forums for candidate discussions. Always choose reputable sources and check for recent reviews.

CRH Training is widely acknowledged as the leading provider of Managers CPC training in the West Midlands and Staffordshire.

To book a Managers CPC Course, or for further information, please contact CRH Training on 0121 553 3184.


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